TORA Clearpool

TORA Clearpool™ is an alternative liquidity product that provides the ability to execute trades, off-exchange with full transparency and fast, electronic execution. No other off-exchange liquidity pool is as deep or efficient with no negotiations, no risk of information leakage and no waiting for a “possible” execution.

See off-exchange liquidity

Unlike traditional dark liquidity pools, TORA Clearpool offers full visibility and access to off-exchange liquidity. Traders can access three levels of pricing and availability in real time to complete trades, even in difficult to prohibitive market conditions.

Trade immediately

TORA Clearpool leverages one of the trader’s most important assets – time – as traders can see available liquidity and act immediately. This allows traders to avoid the execution and pricing risk typically associated with manual facilitation. TORA Clearpool puts the power in the trader’s hands to execute any type of trade off-exchange – even less liquid small-cap names – with full transparency and fast, electronic execution.

Maintain complete anonymity

TORA Clearpool provides the liquidity upside of off-exchange venues, without the information leakage of matching, crossing and negotiated pools.