TORA Compass

TORA Compass is the most comprehensive multi-market, multi-broker, multi-product electronic trading platform focused on Asia. Hedge funds, mutual funds and proprietary trading desks rely on TORA Compass to maximize their returns and achieve a competitive advantage.

Access the Broadest Trading Footprint in Asia

TORA Compass offers a full suite of trade execution capabilities via direct market access, worked or algorithmic trading across Asia. TORA Compass reaches:

  • The 24 key exchanges across 14 countries in Asia
  • Broad assortment of global, regional and local brokers

Key TORA Compass Functionality

Execution Management

  • Access to DMA, algorithmic and worked trading capabilities
  • Utilize fast-launch functionality to send trade orders with a single mouse click
  • Execute program trades with a range of basket-specific functionality
  • Apply the extensive order limit and compliance framework
  • Make use of the key-stroke engine for maximum usability

Order Management

  • Stage Parent/Child orders in the trade blotter and attach different instructions for each
  • Upload start of day positions and pre-market orders
  • Display all positions and intraday profit and loss
  • Model custom products and assign specific valuation methods

Trade the Products Key to Asia

TORA Compass offers a full suite of trading execution capabilities across multiple asset-classes including equities, futures, options, warrants, convertible bonds, baskets, spreads, swaps, CFDs and other synthetic products.

Depend on Responsive Local Support Teams

Tora provides real-time support for TORA Compass during all Asian market hours. From pre-open in Australia through post-close in India, TORA Compass and the extensive connectivity infrastructure, are supported by multi-lingual teams in Asia, the U.S. and Europe. With a dedicated focus on Asia, Tora can respond to and immediately address issues that arise over the course of the trading day.

Trust the Most Reliable Performance Available

TORA Compass utilizes a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure to provide speed, reliability and stability. Latency is minimized as orders are processed with industry-leading throughput of 7 milliseconds per order. Even under extreme volumes, TORA Compass continues to provide the same superior execution levels. TORA Compass boasts 99.99% uptime over the past four years due to the full redundancy and significant excess capacity built into the infrastructure.

Utilize the Platform’s Flexibility

Tora’s singular focus on and deep experience trading in Asia provides an unparalleled level of service and flexibility in meeting the trade execution and order management requirements of a broad range of clients. Tora’s development team has the extensive domain knowledge that comes from specializing in trading Asia for over nine years.